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3D VR Models (Matterport)

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Naperville’s Number 1 Agent

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3D Scans are the latest technology to hit the real estate market since the use of drones (UAV’s- Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) 3D scans give you feeling of actually being in the home. It gives a very good representation of the floor plan and flow of the home.

The viewer has three options for viewing, first the panoramic view from any room. It lets you look around as if you were physically there. The second view is a dollhouse view that lets you see the home as if the exterior was removed.  This view allows you to spin the model around and click on any room to bring you back to the first view. The third and final view is a floor plan view for each level. This view allows you to toggle between the floors as if you’re in a virtual elevator while also allowing you to still click on any room to get the first view.

This is a revolutionary new technology that will be used on all of our qualifying listings from this point forward. As a leader in the industry, we are the early adopters of useful technology that helps our clients buy and sell homes in an efficient manner.